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ROEP was founded in early 2000 as Dr. Runde was finishing his residency at Saint Louis University. He saw his first patient here shortly after opening the doors in August, 2000. (Thanks, Mexico Plastics!) In September that year they signed their lease and opened the main office in Columbia.

As with most small businesses, the first two years were difficult. As their quality services became known, their business grew. Before the great recession of 2008, ROEP had two full time board-certified occupational medicine specialists and a part time physiatrist. At that time, we also had half-time clinics in Mexico and Sedalia.

With the recession, several of the company's smaller clients went out of business and ROEP had to make some adjustments without sacrificing the quality of care our clients had come to expect. Sadly, this required downsizing. Our physiatrist was released and a few months later the other occ med specialist had to move on. For the next year or two, Dr. Runde reduced his own hours so he could keep his quality staff. During that time, Dr. Runde furthered his occupational medicine experience by working as the Medical Director for the Wellness Center at Scholastic in Jefferson City.

Although the economy is still sluggish, we have been able to continue to grow our client base. We still have one board-certified occupational medicine specialist, but Dr. Runde is again full time with ROEP. We provide services to patients as far away as Carrollton, Hannibal, Rolla and north of Springfield. Most of our patients and clients, however, are from mid-Missouri. We have a wide variety of clients: public and private; small (fewer than 30) and larger (1000+); service, public safety, transportation, warehousing and manufacturing. We provide a variety of services: post-offer exams; surveillance exams (DOT/FMCSA, hearing, respiratory, hazardous exposure, etc.); return-to-work evaluations; disability exams; occupational injuries/illnesses (“work comp”).


The logo symbolizes who ROEP is. We are an occupational and environmental medicine specialty clinic. The logo centers around our name. The caduceus represents that we are a medical clinic. The black factory outline represents the occupational health and safety aspect of our specialty. Finally, the blue “reflection” of the factory shows the environmental facet of our specialty. Initially, we had a rope incorporated into the logo to tie it all together but some people found it too much.

The logo was developed by our nurse, Jan Runde.

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