Occupational vision screening

We do not yet have Titmus testing available. However, we are able to perform distant and near vision, manual peripheral vision testing and stereoscopic (depth perception) testing.

Baseline testing:

Studies have shown that industrial accidents and injuries often occur in the first few months after that employee begins work. While there are many reasons, one major and preventable cause of accidents is an employee’s injury or strain, due to the unknown presence of an existing weakness or perhaps a previous injury.

Our baseline exams make sure your employee can perform all of their assigned duties. We measure a new employee’s grip strength, range of motion capabilities and perform other strength testing. This protects your new hires from injury and accident.

Carpal tunnel screening:

Physical examination and review of nerve conduction studies performed as indicated.

Studies have shown that hearing loss affects over 28 million people in the United States alone. While there are medical and genetic reasons for this loss as well, it’s believed that almost 10 million of those impairments are directly related to damage from exposure to loud noises. In some fields, the noise of daily work is repetitive and loud. Occupational noise exposure is the most frequent cause of noise–induced hearing loss, but this is preventable in most cases. With an effective hearing conservation plan, you can protect your employees from lasting damage and disability.

Our hearing conservation program includes baseline testing of all employees conducted at date of hire, and of current employee when a new hearing conservation plan is instituted. We also conduct annual audiograms (hearing tests) for any employees whose work takes them into a high–noise environment of 85 decibels or above. After testing is complete, employers receive audiogram results. These audiograms can be done using our mobile services, to minimize hassle and wasted time for you. Our audiograms are conducted by board–certified physicians and/or CAOHC–Certified technicians.

At Runde Occupational and Environmental Professionals, PC, we can help employers develop a hearing conservation program. We know that noise–induced hearing loss is preventable, and we educate your employees on the use of hearing protections, like ear plugs, on and off the job. We also evaluate the work environment to recommend ways to reduce the lever of noise exposure. Help protect your employees from hearing loss with our hearing conservation services.

Evidentiary Breath Alcohol Testing:

Alcohol impairs function and causes workplace accident and injury. These accidents are completely preventable, so we offer breath alcohol testing for your employees. Evidential breath alcohol test are alcohol screens performed by certified Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs) on the Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0 Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing device.

Phoenix 6.0 Breath Alcohol Tester


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